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Our Story

The company was founded by Agostino and Bice Parodi in the late 60s, when they decided to gradually substitute vegetable and fruit crops (typical of the area), with vines. The change was triggered by the increased demand for good quality Pigato by the best restaurants in the area. This is how the “new adventure” began- from traditional wine making to quite unexpected achievements.

Pippo and Bice were pioneers in introducing Ligurian wines outside the region and their ethos has always been quality over quantity. For these reasons in 2003 they were added by Slow Food to the register of the recognised members of the international food culture. The motivation for this award was: “for a lifetime of dedication to work and the irreplaceable contribution to our cultural heritage and history, which will be an example to future generations”.

Journalists and wine experts such as Luigi Veronelli, Carlin Petrini (Slow Food) and Cesare Pillon generously showed their support and were always there to advise and encourage them through all the stages of their working life.

Up to this day, the vineyard extends to approximately 15 acres and mainly consists of flat, stony and sandy terrain, which are ideal for delicate and aromatic wines.

The cellar

The cellar has a total capacity of 900 hectolitres. Pigato is made both by cryomaceration and by soft press, followed by the separation of the must from the skins and fermentation at controlled temperature (17°C – 18°C). For our red wines (Rossese and Granaccia) we use the traditional method of separating the grapes from the stalks, leaving the skins for fermentation and daily breaking of the cap, by pumping- over and oxygenation. We use state of the art stainless steel equipment throughout the whole process, along with the latest wine making techniques. Aging happens in temperature-controlled steel vats and finally in bottles.

We currently produce between 60 and 70 thousand bottles per year. Our wines are predominantly consumed in Italy, but they have also made a few “trips” abroad, mostly in Japan, Australia and the USA.