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Golden, elegant and refined.

The grapes used are specially selected from our Pigato vines and left on the plant until over ripe. They are then picked and left to dry on mats in a well aired room. After about 15 days the grapes are pressed, immediately separating the skins and the stalks from the must. The high sugar content and the low amount of yeast allow a slow and long process of fermentation (about 90 days) with transferring of the wine halfway to discard the lees.

In May the wine is filtered and moved into stainless steel vats for further clarification. After the summer, when the wine flavour and aroma is constantly checked and lab tested, the wine is filtered once more and finally bottled (end of October/November).

The golden yellow colour reminds us of the ripe Pigato grapes in the sunlight but also the refined aroma and flavour evokes the dried-up grapes on the plant. This wine has been described by experts such as Veronelli as elegant and with persistent aroma.

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