La Bice (English)


Selected grapes on Pigato rows and overripe on the vine. Then collected and dried on mats in local ventilated. After about 15 days the grapes are pressed immediately separating the stalks and the husks from the must.

The high sugar content in the limited presence of enzymes allow you to make a slow and prolonged fermentation (90 days approximately) interspersed with a racking for elimination of lees.

In May, the wine is filtered and placed in stainless steel tanks for further illimpidimentao. Spent the summer (during which the wine is always controlled either by laboratory analysis and sensory) is provided on the last filtration and bottling (late October / November).

The golden yellow color reminds us of the color of ripe grapes Pigato against the sun, but also its smell and taste delicacy reminds us the berries withered on the vine. A wine that halcyons (Veronelli in particular) have defined along with elegant taste.



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